All Compositions by Andre White

Toro Suite:

01 Lugo
02 Bossa Varda
03 Toro Blues

04 Relevance
05 Arnold & Michael
06 Apparition

Although this project showcases the classic jazz trumpet-tenor front line, my main musical inspiration came from some concentrated absorption of the music of Enrique Granados, which helped me realize the Toro Suite

I wanted Kirk and Joe because of the high level of improvising they both consistently provide; Joe is deservedly lauded and admired as a highly original composer and arranger, but his improvisational ability is at a high level as well. Kirk's home is in Toronto, but his reputation as a formidable negotiator of harmony ensured that even though he only saw these pieces the day before the session, his solos are wondrous!

The Toro Suite consists of three movements. I spent a lot of time listening to and absorbing Enrique Granados' Goyescas and I tried to reflect some of the harmonic and melodic tinges from that music in these pieces.

First up is Lugo dedicated to the baseball player Julio Lugo, a now pretty much forgotten member of the Boston Red Sox when they finally won the World Series. This piece is my first attempt at 5/4 and I tried to summon Lugo's tenacity and underdog spirit.

Bossa Varda is dedicated to one of my favourite filmmakers, Agnes Varda. She is another powerful force in cinema unappreciated for many years and has only recently enjoyed a greater exposure to the general public.

Toro Blues is my attempt to merge the Granados influence with the blues and my own musical personality.

Relevance is my ballad brought about during an intense period of musical self analysis, which i usually find to be a painful and at times unrewarding process.

Arnold & Michael is written for two friends of mine who have been extremely supportive and encouraging to me over the years. Unfortunately my friend Michael has recently passed away after a lengthy illness, and his courage amazed all who knew him well.

Apparition is music for the middle of the night, when you're not sure whether you're asleep or awake, and you might see or hear something you don't understand. And even when you get up in the cold light of day, you're still not sure what you felt, heard or saw!

I sure hope you'll like this music, which was recorded lovingly by engineer Paul Johnston. As usual, this project was realized WITHOUT the help of any federal, provincial, or municipal agencies.

Andre White (piano) Kirk MacDonald (tenor sax, soprano sax) Joe Sullivan (trumpet, flughelhorn) Alec Walkington (bass) Dave Laing (drums)